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THE HOUSE OF SPORTS/POWERZONE INJURY WAVIER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY.I, the undersigned, in consideration of being allowed to participate in tryout sponsored by The House of Sports, Powerzone, & Rise as One AAU, or it’s related companies, acknowledge and fully understand that I will be engaging in activities that involve risk of serious injury, including permanent disability and possibly death, and severe social and economic loss, which may result from my own action, inaction or negligence as well as the actions, inactions, and negligence of others. I acknowledge that I have been advised to consult with a physician before participating in the event or program.I further agree to inspect the premises and equipment before playing each game and if I deem any conditions unsafe, I will advise the appropriate persons and will refuse to play. I assume all of the foregoing risks and accept personal responsibility for any injury, disability or death and any damages, whether social or economic, and agree to release, waive, indemnify and hold harmless The House of Sports, Powerzone and Rise as One AAU, its parents, its subsidiaries and affiliated entities companies, officers, partners, directors, members, commissioners, referees, employees, agents, licensees, assigns, and facilities (hereinafter “Releases”) from any and all liability to the undersigned, his or her heirs and next of kin, for any and all claims, demands, suits, costs, expenses, losses, awards, injuries or damages (including reasonable attorney fees and related costs) caused or alleged to have been caused by Releases to myself or my child/ children, in connection with his/her/their participation in any The House of Sports/Powerzone program or Rise as One AAU tryout, league, tournament or activity. I also give Rise as One AAU and The House of Sports/Powerzone permission to use my child’s photo in promotional materials.*By clicking the checkbox you are aware and in agreement with the injury waiver and release of liability explained above.  


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